Leverage is the “Who, How, and What” of your real estate business and 8020REVA will bring great talent to your business. Our team will provide leverage to help with administrative tasks, phone management, transaction lifecycles, marketing and advertising. Most importantly they will help design and implement systems that will allow you to run an efficient business.

To help you more understand 8020REVA let’s break down the leverage section into three categories: People (Who?), Systems (How?) and Tools (What?)

1) Who will do it? (People): Our team is filled with highly motivated talented professionals, who are ready to help you. Our REVA Candidates must pass a rigorous qualification selection process by our professional multi-disciplinary team of talent hunters. Their natural abilities, skills, experience and aspirations all meet the job description giving them the credentials for success.

2) How will they do it? (Systems):  Our team develops systems to document your methods and duplicate your superior results. 8020REVA is skilled at designing and implementing detail systems and we promise to always give you and your clients the best results.

3) What will they do it with? (Tools): 8020REVA will help you to create initial systems and implement the required tools to get the job done.  Whether it’s adding new systems/tools or improving or upgrading current ones, 8020REVA will work with you every step of the way.

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How Can a REVA help you maximize your Business

** Start by analyzing how you're currently spending your time. Once you've defined the "non-revenue generating activities" that you're spending 80% of your time on... Delegate, Eliminate, Or Outsource These Tasks! The other 80% of your work week is NECESSARY "non-revenue generating activities"(NONRGA) that you're spending 80% of your time on.. ******* Let us take over that 80% of that NONRGA work and YOU will have more time to FOCUS on the work that genearates and the work that you Enjoy the Most... Get Out THERE!Read More